Senior Research Associate of the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

Center for North American studies

Graduated from the Turkman State University in 1970 and in 1980 submitted PhD at the Institute of World History.

Scholarly interests: 
  • migration, 
  • american national identity, 
  • historical memory
Selected Publications:
  • Melting Pot? :Paradigms of Ethnic Development of the USA. M. 2000.
  • XX Century: Ethnic Factor in the USA: Transformation of Society.// Socio-Political and Intellectual Transformation of Societies in Transitional Epochs. M., 2008.
  • Dilemma of the USA in the XXI Century: Melting Pot or Multiculturalism // 200 Years of Russian-American Relations: Science and Education. M., 2007.
  • Old Problem in New Century: Mexican Illegal Immigrants in the USA // American Yearbook. 2012.
  • Immigration Law of 1965 is a New Vector in the Development of American National Identity.// American Yearbook. 2014.
  • American National Identity and Migration Challenges.// Dialogue with Time. Issue 54. M., 2016.
  • Pearl Harbor in History and Historical Memory.// Dialogue with Time. Issue 56. M., 2016.

Chertina Zoya  Sergeevna
Chertina Zoya Sergeevna
Years of life: 01.12.1948 - 21.03.2022

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