Senior Research Fellow, Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor, Russian State University for the Humanities



Graduated from the Moscow State University in 1980. In 1988 submitted her Ph.D. “USA and  the Revolution of 1848 in France”. Belonged to the school of Academician Nickolai Bolkhovitinov.

Scholarly interests: 

European revolutions in transatlantic context, transnational approaches (mid-19th century), sociocultural history of antebellum USA, United States and France: mutual perception of political institutions (1830s – 1840s)

Main Publications
  • American Society and the French Republic 1848–1852. Moscow: Institute of World History, 2003.
  • Filibuster Expeditions to Cuba and «Young America» (mid-19th century) // Vestnik RGGU. 2015.  № 2. Social Sciences. History. International Relations. P. 9-21.
  • Urban Street Urchins in New York Antebellum Genre Painting // Urban Dimensions of American Civilization / Ed. by M.D. Dunn, J.B. Fernández, L. Hepner, P.N. Zemliansky. Orlando: Univ. of Central Florida; Moscow: Russian State Univ. for the Humanities, 2015. P. 205-216.
  • Cuban Problem in US Policy, 1848–1850 // American Studies: Actual Approaches and Modern Works. Iss. 7 / Ed. by T.V. Alentieva. Kursk: KGU, 2015. P. 32-42.
  • American Scholars on European Revolutions of Mid-19th Century in Transatlantic Context // Electronic Journal «History». 2014. Issue 7 (30). URL:
  • «The Principle of Nationality» in the Context of Mid-19th Century European Revolutions: The Discourse of «Young America» // American Yearbook 2014. Moscow: LENAND, 2014.
  • European Revolutions of Mid-Nineteenth Century in the Context of U.S. Revolutionary Experience: Discourse of «Young America» // Vestnik RGGU. 2013. № 21 (122). P. 95-108.
  • Young Americans in New York Genre Painting of Mid-19th Century. Specifics of Visualization. Saarbrucken (Deutschland): LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012.
  •  “Soldier of Fortune” on Both Sides of the Atlantic: The Life of Charles Frederick Henningsen // Electronic Journal “History”. 2011. Issue 4. URL:
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  • Abraham Lincoln vs. «Young America» // Abraham Lincoln Lessons of History and the Contemporary World. The Materials of the International Conference dedicated to the bicentenary of Abraham Lincoln / Ed.superv. EI. Pivovar, ed. by V.I. Zhuravleva. Moscow: RGGU, 2010.
  • Herman Melville and «Young America», 1840s // American Yearbook 2007. Moscow, 2009. P. 80-106.
  • John Louis O'Sullivan and the «Democratic Review», 1840s // Novaia i Noveishaia istoria. 2009. № 5. P. 234–245.
  • Russian Envoy in Washington Alexander Bodisco and Polemics in the US Congress on the Policy of Non-Intervention (1851–1852) // Russian-American Relations: Late 18th – Early 20th centuries. Moscow: IVI RAN, 2008. P. 40-54. URL:
  • American Civilization: Perception in the USA (mid-19th century) // Russian Discovery of America. The Materials dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Academician Nickolai Nickolaevitch Bolkhovitinov. Moscow: ROSSPAN, 2002. P. 138-155.
  • US Political Institutions as Viewed by French Contemporaries, 1830–1840s // American Civilization as a Historical Phenomenon. US Perception in American, West European and Russian Thought / Ed. by Acad. N.N. Bolkhovitinov. Moscow: Nauka, 2001. P. 340-375.
  • US European Politics in Mid-Nineteenth Century // History of US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy  1775–1877 / Ed. by Acad. N.N. Bolkhovitinov. Moscow: Mezhdunarodniie otnosheniia, 1994. P. 233-264.

 Sirotinskaia  Maria
Sirotinskaia Maria

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