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  • 1972 graduated (roughly equivalent to M.A.) at historical faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, chair of Middle Ages and Early Modern History. Thesis on “Daloghi d’amore” of Lorenzo Pisano (Latin handwritten book)
  • 1980 Candidate in historical sciences (roughly eq. to Ph.D.) at Saint-Petersburg University, thesis “Ethics and religion by N.Machiavelli”.
  • 1995 Doctor in historical sciences (habilitation work), Institute of General History, Russian Academy of sciences, Moscow; thesis “Reception of Machiavelli in Russia from XVI century”.
  • 1989-2016 Institute of General History, Russian Academy of sciences, Moscow, researcher, leading researcher, chief researcher.
Area of interests. 
  • history of Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, 
  • Italian Renaissance, 
  • history of political science, 
  • Machiavelli, 
  • Florentine historiography,
  • theory of history, 
  • text translations and history.
Primary publications.
  • The ethics of Machiavelli. Moscow, Nauka, 1990.
  • Machiavelli in Russia. Morality and politics during five centuries. Moscow, IGH, 1998.
  • Machiavelli. Politics. Morality. Fortune. (2 ed. of both monographs). M., Canon+, 2011.
  • History and morality. Moscow, IVI RAN, 2014.
Translated historical sources and books published with comments and introduction.
  • Giovanni Villani. Nuova Cronaca or Florentine History. Moscow, Nauka, 1997.
  • Niccolò Machiavelli. Discourses on the first ten books of Livy. The Prince. Moscow, Rosspen, 2002. Till now republished many times.
  • Fernand Braudel. La Mediterranée et le mond méditerranéen à l’époque de Philippe II. 3 vols. Moscow, Languages of Slavic culture, 2002-2004.
  • L.B.Alberti, I libri della famiglia, Moscow, Languages of Slavic culture, 2009. -W.Pareto, Trasformazione della democrazia. Moscow, Territory of the future, 2010.
  • Gasparo Contarini, De Magistratibus et Republica venetorum. Saint Petersburg, SPb European University, 2013.
  • Dino Compagni, La Cronica delle cose occorrenti nei tempi suoi. Moscow, Canon+, 2015.
  • Francesco Guicciardini. Storia d’Italia (in print).
Chief redactor:
  • Bitsilli P.M. Selected works on medieval history. Moscow, Languages of Slavic culture, 2006. Editing, paper, comments.
  •  World History in 6 vols. Vol.3. World in early modern times. Moscow, Nauka, 2013. Chief coeditor and author of 4 chapters.
  • Proceedings of the International Conference “Rereading Machiavelli. Ideas and political practice throughout centuries and countries” (September of 2012), Moscow, 2013. Chief editor.
  • Proceedings of the International Conference “Renaissance Italy in Russia and Baltic countries. In honour of prof. A.D.Rolova” (November 2010). Moscow, IVI RAN, 2016. Chief editor.
Recent Articles (2014 – 2016):
  •  Ivan the Terrible and Renaissance Princes // European Renaissance and Russian culture. XV – mid XVII century. Moscow, Rosspen, 2014, p. 192 - 197.
  • History, poetry, and «New Science» of G.B. Vico // Investigations on Giambattista Vico in the Third Millennium. New perspectives from Brazil, Italy, Japan and Russia. Roma: Aracne Editrice, 2014. P.123-129.
  • Premachiavellismo in Russia: racconto del tiranno giusto // New studies on Machiavelli and machiavellism. Bucuresti: Ars Docendi, 2014. P. 163 - 171. (In Italian).
  • Russia // Machiavelli. Enciclopedia Machiavelliana.Istituto Treccani, Roma, 2014. Vol.2, pp.465-466. (In Italian).
  • V.I.Rutenburg: historian of Renaissance in the age of “totalitarianism” // Italy and Europe. In memoriam of V.I.Rutenburg. Pb., Nestor-Istorija, 2014. P. 33-40.
  • Early capitalism and class struggle in Italy of XIII – XIV centuries // On-line review “History”. Issue on Political structures and social processes in Europe of Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times. To the 100th anniversary of An.Tchistozvonov. November 2014.
  • Dante – poet and courtier // Court culture of Renaissance times. M., Political Encyclopedia. 2014. P.17 – 25.
  • Medievistics and national question. (About the ambiguity of definitions) // Ethnies and “nations” in Western Europe of Middle Ages and Early Modern Time. Pb., Aleteia, 2015. P.37 – 48.
  • On the Disfida di Barletta, great historians and the patriotism // Novaja I novejshaja istoria №1, 2015, p.39-49.
  • A letter signed “Machiavelli” from the Russia. National Library collection in the context of the Pisan war // Vspomogatelnyje istoricheskije discipliny. V.33. SPb., 2015, p.350 – 365.
  • The beginning of Italian wars and forming of national self-identity. Machiavelli and Guicciardini // Italian Identity: unity in variety. M., RGGU, 2015, p. 67 – 80.
  • Power monopoly and institutes of medieval “democracy” // Power and its limits in the Middel Ages and early Modern Times. М., 2015. P.291 – 307.
  • Il Cavaliere di Carpaccio // Art and history of Europe in the age of Renaissance and Early Modern Times. In honour of V.M.Volodarskij. M.-SPb., 2016. P.57 – 84.
  • Idea of history and Ranke’s formula // People and texts 2015. Idea of history. To the 100th Anniversary of M.A.Barg. M., IVI RAN. 2016. P. 172 – 185.
  • Policulturality and Russian Italianistics // Proceedings of the International Conference “Renaissance Italy in Russia and Baltic countries”… P.301 – 322.

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