Junior Researcher of the Department for the Preparation of the “World History”


office phone: +7 (495) 938-13-44

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7417-5514


Bachelor of Arts and Humanities ‒ 2016 (GAUGN), graduation qualification work “Genre painting and conflict in the art of the Victorian era”, diploma with honors. Master of History ‒ 2018 (GAUGN), graduation qualification work “Visualizing history in the Victorian painting”, diploma with honors. Since 2018 Postgraduate study in the Institute of World History. 


The research focuses on the history of art from the 19th to the mid 20th century with particular interests in the Victorian painting and Museum studies, Art Deco fashion and design, Soviet cinema arts.

Teaching and reading lectures:

A reader of European art history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, has a special course in British art and culture (painting, sculpture, music and architecture). Also held a series of public lectures in the Museum of Art Deco, dedicated to the furniture, fashion and design of 19th – 20th centuries.

Key publications:

2015           Bexaliyeva, A. R. "No excesses!" "Utility wear" of the war years: the formation of a military fashion style during World Wars / / Fate of the motherland: Materials of international conf., dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941- 1945. April 21, 2015/ Ed. A.N. Ezhov. Arkhangelsk, 2015. Pp. 5-10

2016           Bexaliyeva, A.R. Henry VIII Tudor and Music // British Parliament yesterday and today / Ed. M.P. Aizenshtat, T.L.Labutina. M.: Institute of World history, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2016. Pp. 319-328

2016           Karaseva, A.R. Life of British Parliament: genre painting of the Victorian era as a historical source / / Letter and Everyday Life / Ed. A.O. Chubarian, T.V. Gimon. Moscow: Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2016. Vol. 3. Pp. 138-141

2017           Karaseva, A.R. On state and political figures: paintings of the Victorian era as a historical source / / Electronic scientific and educational magazine "History." 2017. V. 8. Issue 3 (57) [Electronic resource]. Access for registered users. URL: (date of circulation: October 19, 2018). DOI: 10.18254 / S0001619-9-1

2018           Karaseva, A.R. The image of the English Civil War in the painting of the Victorian era // Civil conflicts and civil wars in history. Materials of the Eighth International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists "Clio-2018" / Ed. A.K. Sorokin. M., 2018. Pp. 164-168

2018           Karaseva, A.R. Mythologizing the images of power: the genre and historical painting of the Victorian era // Scientific electronic magazine "ARTICULT". M., 2018. № 30-2-2018 . [Electronic resource]. Access for registered users. URL: (date of circulation: October 19, 2018). DOI: 10.28995/2227-6165-2018-2-106-118

Editorial work:

2018           Russian revolution 1917 and  its place in the history of the XXth  century / Ed. Lipkin M.A., Baikov A.A., Datsenko P.A., Gigolaev G.E., Grantseva E.O., Karaseva  A.R., etc. Moscow: Ves’ mir, 2018. 352 p.




Karaseva Alphia Renatovna
Karaseva Alphia Renatovna