Senior (Leading) Research Fellow, Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, State University for the Humanities, Russian Academy of Sciencies.Center for North American studies

Graduated from the Moscow State University in 1976. Scholarly interests: International and Soviet (Russian)-American relations in XX Century, history of Soviet, American and British inteligence communities (1917-1953)



Main Publications
  • Soviet Intelligence Services in America. International Relations Publishers. Moscow. 2005. 502 P. (In Russsian).
  • Soviet Intelligence Services in America. 2nd Edition. Updated and Expanded. International Relations Publishers. Moscow. 2015. 581 P. (In Russsian).
  •  Аmerican Public Opinion and Soviet-American Collaboratiob Problem (June – December 1941) // Аmerican Yearbook 1988. Nauka Publishets, Moscow. 1988 (In Russian).
  •  Soviet-American Relations and American Public Opinion (December 1941 – October 1943) // Аmerican Yearbook 1989. Nauka Publishets, Moscow. 1989 (In Russian).
  •  American Humanitarian Aid Relief to Soviet People 1941-1945 // Аmerican Yearbook 1991. Nauka Publishets, Moscow. 1992 (In Russian).
  •  American Public Opinion and Formation of Soviet-American Cooperation, June-December 1941 // Soviet-U.S. Relation, 1933-1942. Progress Publishers. Moscow. 1989. P. 243-258.
  • Josef Stalin’s Secret War: Soviet Intelligence Services in the United States Before and During the EarlyCold War, 1943-1953 // Stalin’s Decade of the Cold War. Facts and Hypotheses. Nauka Publishers. Moscow. 1999. P.188-206 (In Russsian).
  • Professionals and Volunteers: Soviet Intelligence Services in the United States, 1921-1945 // American Yeardook 1998. Nauka Publishers. Moscow. 1999. P. 194-224 (In Russsian).
  • Spies, Spycatchers and Codebreakers: Soviet Intelligence Services in the United States and VENONA, 1943-1953 // American Yearbook 1999. Nauka Publishers. Moscow. 2000.  P. 223-251 (In Russsian).
  •  Intelligence Information, An Image of Enemy and Political Decisions // Papers of Symposium “From an Image of Enemy to That of a Partner Through Culture of Peace and Dialogue”. Institute of World History. Russian Academy of Sciences. Мoscow. 2000. P. 61-76 (In Russsian).
  • AMTORG and Soviet Espionage in the United States, 1924-1929 гг. // The USA and Canada Journal: Economics, Politics, Culture. 2000. № 6. P. 65-79 (In Russsian).
  • Soviet, British and American Communities: Their Estimates of International Situation and Its Perspecrives (August 1939 – June 1941) // International Crisis of 1939-1941: From Soviet-German Treaties of 1939 года to German Invasion of the USSR. Papers of the International Conerence Sponsored by the Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences, University of Latvia, Institute of Contemporary History (Munich) and Moscow Branch of Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Moscow, February 3-4, 2005 г. «Prava Cheloveka Publishers человека». Moscow. 2006. P. 327-356 (In Russsian). .
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  • The Enemy at the Gates: Soviet Military Intelligence in the Inter-war Period and Its Forecasts of Future War, 1921-1941 // Russia in the Age of Wars 1914-1945. Ed. By S. Pons, A. Romano. Editore Feltrinelli. Milano. 2000. P. 215-233.
  • The Soviet Union and the United States on the Eve of War: Intelligence Communities, Information and Decision Making Process (Sept. 1938 – December 1941) // American Yearbook 2001. Nauka Publishers. Moscow. 2003.  P. 186-213 (In Russsian).
  • Intelligence, Information and Political Decision Making Process: the Turning Points of the Early Cold War Period, 1944-1953 // Cold War in Retrospective, 1945-1963. “OLMA-Press”. Moscow. 2003. P. 321-368 (In Russsian).


Poznyakov Vladimir
Poznyakov Vladimir
Years of life: 22.02.1946 - 09.02.2021

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