Professor of Hitory. Chair of the Center for North American studies, Institue of World History, RAS.  

Chairman of the Russian Association of Advanced Studies in American Hisory.

Chief editor of the journal «Modern and  current history».

Chief editor of the «American Yearbook». 

Principal research results:
  • Developed a register of archetypes and factors of American civilization and revealed their role at all phases of American history.
  • Used in research practice a set of interdisciplinary methods for the study of U.S. history. Usage of the categories of the political science in conjunction with the principle of historicism allowed to justify the original concept of change of historical types of American democracy and political power.
  • Involvement of methods and categories of social science in combination with the approaches of history allowed to develop the innovative concept of a social conflict in American history and impact on various stages of the main social groups in American society: economic classes, racial-ethnic, gender, generational age groups, religious denominations.
  • Research of the main ideological currents of the United States — liberalism, conservatism, left and right radicalism — and their relationship at all stages of American history.
  • Research of main schools of American historiography and their contribution to the study of the basic problems of the history of the United States. Developed and implemented in research practice the original concept of dialogue with the American historiography schools.
  • Conducted original research and synthesis in the history of foreign and domestic policy of the United States in the context of the interaction of three fundamental factors of American civilization — liberalism, democracy, imperialism.
  • The origins of modern bourgeois ideology of the United States. M., 1975. — 237 p.
  • Ideological currents in the American revolution of the XVIII Century. M., 1980. 312 p.
  • The founders of the United States: historical portraits. M. 1983. — 176 c..
  • The myths and realities of American history. M., 1986. — 256 p.
  • Critical schools of non-Marxist historiography of the USA of the XX century, M. 1987. — 270 p.
  • Jefferson: the man, the thinker, the politician. M. 1989. — 280 c.
  • Historiography of modern Britain (co-authors G. I. Zvereva, L. P. Repina). M. 1991. — 230 p.
  • Political history of modern Russia, 1985-1994: from Gorbachev to Yeltsin. M. 1994. — 192 p.
  • Liberalism of the West. XVII—XX centuries (co-authors — Patrushev A. I., Tokareva E. S., Fadeeva T. M.). M., 1995. — 228 c.
  • Ideology in American history: from the founding fathers to the end of the XX century, M., 1995. — 238 c.
  • The presidency and democracy: the American experience. M. 1998. -200 C.
    Political history of the United States. XVII—XX centuries — M. 2001. — 390 p.
  • Political history of modern Russia. 1985-2001: from Gorbachev to Putin. — M., 2001. — 262 p.
  • History of the United States. M., 2003. — 192 p.
  • The historical experience of the United States. M. 2010. — 581 p.
  • Democracy in the United States: from the colonial age to the XXI century — M. 2011. — 368 p
  • Central problems in the history of the United States. — M. 2013. — 352 p.
  • The USA in the XX–XXI centuries. Liberalism. Democracy. Empire.. — M. 2015.

Sogrin Vladimir
Sogrin Vladimir

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