Senior Research Fellow

Department of Medieval Studies and Early Modern History, Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences

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  • MA in History (With Honours), Moscow State University, History Faculty (2003). Thesis title: „Anglo-Burgundian Relations in 1350s –1430s’.
  • Participated in Semaines d‟Études Médiévales (23 juin – 11 juillet 2003), Centre d‟Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale (ESCM), Université de Poitier.
  • PhD in History (Middle Ages), Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences (2009). Thesis title: „The politics of the dukes of Burgundy in the Low Countries in the Late 14th – Mid-15th Century: the Ways of Formation of the Burgundian State’.
Fields of Interest: 
  • Medieval History, 
  • History of the Low Countries (14th – 15th Centuries), 
  • Political History of the Burgundian State, 
  • Medieval Representative Institutions, 
  • Urban History, 
  • International Relations and Trade, 
  • Heraldry
Major Publications (since 2014)
  • „The Chronicle of Jean de Stavelot as a Source for the History of the Towns of the PrinceBishopric of Liege (the Late 14th – First Half of the 15th Century)‟, A.N. Galyamichev, ed., Gorod i Kultura na Zapade i v Rossii. Materialy Mezhdunarodnoy Nauchnoy Konferencii, Posvyaschennoy 100-litiyu Zasluzhennogo Professora SGU S.M. Stama (Saratov, 21-22 Noyabrya 2013 g.) (Saratov, 2014), pp. 86-93. (in Russian)
  • „From Trade to Policy: Evolution of Anglo-Burgundian Relations in the Late 14th Century‟, L.N. Chernova, ed., Britanskie chteniya. Materialy II Vserossiiskoy (s Mezhdunarodnym Uchastiem) Nauchnoy Konferencii, Posvyaschennoy 90-letiyu Professora M.M. Yabrovoy (Saratov, 19-20 Sentyabrya 2013 g.) (Saratov, 2014), pp. 54-60. (in Russian)
  • „Russians‟ View of the Colonies of the Netherlands in Southeast Asia in the Late 19th – Early 20th Century (Based on the Records of Russian Travelers)‟, G.A. ShatohinaMordvintceva, ed., Rossia i Niderlandy v XVII-XX vv.: Novye Issledovaniya i Aktualnye Problemy. Materialy Mezhdunarodnoy Nauchnoy Konferencii (Moskva, 15-16 Maiya 2013 g.) (Moscow, 2014), pp. 328-357. (in Russian)
  • „The Struggle for the Urban Privileges as One of the Factors of Political Development of Flanders in the 14th Century‟, “History”. Electronic Science and Educational Journal “Istorya”. Issue 6 (29): Political Structures and Social Processes in Europe: Later Middle Ages and Early Modern Times (Moscow, 2014) © (in Russian)
  • (with E.I. Nosova) „The “Price of Ambitions” of John IV of Brabant: States, Duke, and the Funding of the Campaign against Jacoba of Bavaria and Humphrey of Gloucester in Hainaut (1425)‟, Srednie Veka 76 (1-2) (Moscow, 2015), pp. 81-109. (in Russian)
  • „The Power of Duke or the Power of Estates? Brabant in Late 1410s – Mid. 1420s‟, P. Yu. Uvarov, S.K. Tsaturova, eds., Vlast‟ i Ee Predely v Srednie Veka i Rannee Novoe Vremya (Moscow, 2015), pp. 69-85. (in Russian)
  • „The Incompliant Counts of Flanders and Their Rebellious Subjects in the Accounts of the Chronicles of the 14th Century‟, Alexander Chubaryan, ed. Universitas Historiae. Sbornik v chest‟ Pavla Yurjevicha Uvarova (Moscow, 2016), pp. 37-46 (in Russian)
  • „The Reality of Burgundian Coat of Arms and the Ideology of the Order of the Golden Fleece‟, A.P. Chernyh ed., Signum 8 (Moscow, 2016), pp. 114-141 (in Russian)
  • “Such a Different Flanders. Monopoly for drapery of Ghent, Bruges, and Ypres and its limits (14th – first half 15th century)”, Srednie Veka 77 (1-2) (Moscow, 2016), pp. 180-204. (in Russian)


Mayzlish Anna
Mayzlish Anna

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