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Intellectual history studies



Graduated from the Historical faculty of Moscow state University in 1974 in the Department of history of the USSR of the period of capitalism, postgaduate studies at Moscow state University in 1974-1977, Candidate of Sciences since 1978. Worked in 1977-1991 at the the Institute of history of the USSR, USSR Academy of Sciences in the sectors for history of Moscow and the history of the USSR of the period of imperialism, working from 1991 to present at the Institute for World history, Russian Academy of Sciences, in sector for the theory and history of civilizations and the Center for intellectual history. A senior researcher since 1987. In 1993-2015 was editor in the journal "Obshestvennie nauki i sovremennost" ("Social Sciences Today"). 

Sphere of scientific interests

The theory of historical knowledge, historical consciousness, intellectual history, civilizational consciousness, global history, history of Russia of XX—XXI centuries. Author of over 100 papers on these topics.

Main scientific publications (all in Russian):

1. Civilizational Consciousness and Historical Knowledge: Problems of Interaction / Ed. by L. P. Repina. Monograph. Moscow: Nauka, 2007.
2. World History in a Global Age: a New Historical Consciousness / Ed. by L. P. Repina. Monograph. M.: Akvilon, 2015.
3. Strategies of Dehistorization // Images of Time and Historical Views. Russia — East — West / Ed. by L. P. Repina. The collective monograph. M: Krug 2010.
4. Clash of the Worlds: Myths, Binary Images, and Reinterpretation of the Discovery and Conquest of America // The Crises of the Pivotal Eras in Historical Memory / Ed. by L. P. Repina. The collective monograph. Moscow: IVI RAS, 2012.
5. The Ideas of Civilization and Barbarism in Europe, the XVIII-XIX Centuries // Ideas and People. Intellectual History of Europe in Modern Times / Ed. L. P. Repina. The collective monograph. M.: Akvilon, 2014.
6. Global History and the Study of the Past of Russia // Obshestvennie nauki i sovremennost. 2011, № 5; 2012, № 6; 2013, № 5; 2014, № 6. A series of articles.
7. Problems of Macro-History. Articles 1, 2 // Dialogue with Time. Almanac of Intellectual History. 2015. Vol. 50; 2016. Vol. 54. A series of articles.
8. Function of Civilizational Consciousness // Eidos. Almanac of History and Theory of Historical Science. Issue 3. No. 1. Ed. V. Smali. Kiev: 2008.
9. New Global History and Postcolonial Discourse // History and Modernity. No. 2. September 2009.
10. Civilizational Images of Russia and Ways of their Optimization // Obshestvennie nauki i sovremennost.  2009. No. 3.
11. Postcolonial Criticism and the Transformation of the Civilizational Ideas // Dialogue with Time. Almanac of Intellectual history. 2010. Vol. 30.
12. The Idea of "civilization" in Europe of the XIX Century in Context of Connected History and histoire croisee // Dialogue with Time. Almanac of Intellectual History. Vol. 40. M., 2012.
13. The Ideal of a Civilization, its Emotional Coloration and the histoire croisee. Vol. 9. Civilization as an Idea and a Research Practice / Ed. by A. O. Chubaryan. M.: Nauka, 2014.
14. Civilization Consciousness and Civilization Borderlands: the Path to Catastrophe and the Path to the Knowledge of the Cultural Borderland. The Memory Of Valery Borisovich Zemskov (1940-2012) / Ed. by N. Guirin. M.: IMLI RAS, 2014.
15. Modernization and Communicative Asymmetry // Civilization. Vol. 10. Modernization and Civilizational Challenges of the XXI Century. / Ed. by A. O. Chubaryan. M.: Nauka, 2015.
16. The Historical Theory of the Middle Level and its Current Value // People and Texts. Historical Almanac. 2015. The Idea of History. To the 100 Anniversary of M. A. Barg. Moscow:IVI RAS, 2016.

Ionov  Igor
Ionov Igor

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