'Church in Sickness and in Health'

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Dear friends!

Ecclesiastical History Society invites articles for a peer-reviewed volume of Studies in Church History on the Church in Sickness and in Health. 

Papers are invited that consider how the Church has responded to – and defined – sickness and health from the Early Church to the present day. Possible themes, may include but are not restricted, to the following:

  • The Church’s response to disease, plagues, and pandemics
  • Practices relating to visiting and caring for the sick
  • The Church and medicine; clergy and physicians
  • Religious institutions and medical care; hospital chaplains
  • Medicine and Christian missions
  • Churches’ responses to science, medical research, and medical intervention
  • Historical perspectives on what constitutes a good life, a good death, and healing.
  • The Church and spiritual health
  • Theological metaphors of sickness and health

For more details, please, visit the Society's website: https://ecclesiasticalhistorysociety.com/churchinsicknessandinhealth/

01 Jun 2020

'Church in Sickness and in Health'

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