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Dear Colleagues!

The Center for the History of Historical Knowledge (Institute of Global History, Russian Academy of Science) is happy to announce that the Colloquium on the topic “History and Myth” will take place at the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, 18 September 2017.

Continuing the project “History for everybody”, we invite our colleagues – historians, philosophers, philologists, sociologists, political scientists, writers, journalists – to discuss, whether the knowledge of the past may be translated through myth.

There is simply “the past”, there is “an actual past”, there is “history as the past”, and there are “realities and myths of this history”. Recently, more and more historians take a look on a problem of “myths and history”. This process can be seen both in the theme of world congresses of historians and in the process of mythologizing of the history of modern Russia. The birth of myths, the interpretation of historical events testify an ongoing struggle between various ideas and opinions. Mythologized history has a great success among an audience and in many ways it determined the growing interest in history as a whole.

We do not attempt to supplement the theory of myths or to analyze them according to various groups and historical periods. In this direction much has already been done by our predecessors, both philosophers and historians. We bring out for discussion only a few problems, which in our opinion, are of fundamental importance for understanding the phenomenon of myth and its correlation with history. These problems are timeless and can be viewed on a variety of types of sources.

The circle of problems and questions for discussion:

 Myth as an element of identity (political, ethnic, religious, social, etc.)
 Mechanisms and instuments of myth formation
 Communicative space of the myth and the ways of its translation
 Mythologization of history: causes and forms

Based on the results of the Colloquium, it is planned to publish a collection of scholar papers.
The Colloquium will take place at the Institute of Global History of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 32A.
Applications for participation in the Colloquium should be sent before deadline – May 22, 2017 to email history2011@list.ru (subject: History and Myth) in the following form:

1. Name
2. Degree, title
3. Position
4. Place of work
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8. Theme of the paper
9. Abstract (statement of the problem, sources, conclusions) up to 1,000 characters.

15 Feb 2017

History and Myth
Start: 09:30, 18.09.2017
End: 19:00, 18.09.2017
Address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 32A.

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