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Evgeniia Andreeva graduated the Department of Ancient History of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2011 and continued her postgraduate studies in the Institute of General History. In 2015 she was hired as a research assistant. She is also employed in the editorial office of the The Journal of Ancient History (Vestnik drevnej istorii, “Nauka” publishing house) since 2103 and heads the office since 2016.
Currently Evgeniia is preparing PhD thesis “Pagan cults in Phrygia and nearby territories in I–III CE” under the supervision of prof. Askold I. Ivantchik.
Evgeniia’s research interests include Anatolian history of Hellenistic and Roman times, religious studies and epigraphy. 


Andreeva E. Zeus Sanctuaries in Yanal Mevkii and Erekli Mevkii: epicleses and cult nature. The Journal of Ancient History (Vestnik drevnej istorii) 1, 2014, pp.132–143

Andreeva E. [Rev.] P. Thonemann (ed.). Roman Phrygia: Culture and Society. Cambridge, 2013. The Journal of Ancient History (Vestnik drevnej istorii) 4, 2015, 257–263

Andreeva Evgeniia
Andreeva Evgeniia

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